Look For This Emerging Technology At The Mattress Stores

Most people don’t stop to put much consideration into new mattress technology. They go to the mattress stores in Orange County when their old ones are worn out, and they might pick a new one based on price, a recommendation from a friend or family member, or they might ask about a mattress that’s good for stomach sleepers or back pain.




All of these are viable methods of selecting a brand and a model to take home with you, but some people choose to look at the emerging technology behind mattresses when making their choice. Just as in all things, the technology behind mattresses in Orange County has continued advancing over the years, with such materials as memory foam now being thought of as common, where once it was revolutionary.


In this article, we’ll examine what could become the next trend in mattresses: zone technology.


What Are “Zones” In Mattresses?


Some mattress companies have been studying the possibility of making mattresses with different, separate zones inside. These zones would have channel vents for airflow, adjustable water-filled calibrators, and open cell ventilating memory foam.


What Would This Accomplish?


The idea behind this tech is that the user would get a deeper and more restful sleep because there would be unprecedented relief of pressure points, like those found at the hips, back, neck, and shoulders.


The water-filled calibrators inside the channels would cradle the human body and combine comfort with support. The memory foam would be “free-floating,” meaning that there would be unrestricted contouring and a plushness that would be evident from the moment you lay down.




The technology would couple with adjustability on either side of the bed. If you slept with a partner, for instance, you could easily set one side for soft and another for medium. Each zone would then be filled automatically to the firmness level that you prefered. The mattress would also adjust automatically as you moved during the night.


Multiple companies are considering this emerging tech. It is possible that you could see it in numerous mattress stores in Orange County sooner rather than later.


Of course, whether a particular trend catches on all depends on how successful the feedback is from consumers. It remains to be seen whether zone technology does prove to be the next big thing in mattresses.  

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