Time For Allergy Sufferers To Hit The Mattress Stores

If you have allergies, then getting a good night of sleep can present a challenge sometimes. We all need our rest, but if you are coughing and sneezing you’re not going to be able to get it, and the itchy eyes are no picnic either. Let’s look at the most common cause of allergies, and what you can do to fight back and sleep soundly again.


Dust Mites


Dust mites are what give allergy sufferers the most trouble, particularly their fecal matter. Dust mites are microscopic critters that love to burrow inside mattresses in Orange County. They’re too small for you to detect with the naked eye, but where you see a mattress as a place to lay your head at night, they see it as a luxurious home and nesting ground.


The dust that accumulates in and around mattresses can contain dust mite feces, and when you breathe it in, it exacerbates your condition and gets you sneezing and coughing. Exposure to dust mites and their droppings has even been linked to depression, fatigue, and headaches. None of it is any fun, and the answer is to reduce your exposure to dust mites and their droppings as much as you can.


Hypoallergenic Mattresses


The most common solution is to get yourself a mattress that has been certified organic. Several different lines offer them, and you’re going to want to look for ones that either have memory foam or natural latex. You’ll want models without springs or coils. The inner part of a coil mattress creates an incubator of sorts for dust mites. This is where their feces and also dead skin cells accumulate.


You’ll also want to avoid pillow tops or quilted tops. Dust mites like these as well, because they are made of loose padding that is soft and fibrous. That’s an ideal environment in which dust mites can thrive.


Once you know what to look for and avoid, then it’s time to head to the Orange County mattress stores. You can explain to a salesperson there what you need from a mattress, and they can point out some brands and models that are friendly toward allergy sufferers. You need to get your sleep every night, and you deserve to be free of these troublesome pests. If you are struggling with your allergies, then a new mattress is likely the solution.  


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