Top Mattresses To Relieve Back Pain

Back pain usually results in tossing and turning all night, hoping to find the most ideal posture to reduce the pain, then spending the next morning extremely tired because you didn’t get enough before.

According to an American Chiropractic Association, chronic back pain causes 264 million workdays off per year in the United States. Many factors cause back pain, including ergonomics, posture, injury, stress, and medical conditions such as arthritis. Research has shown that back pain can lead to insufficient sleep at night.

The mattresses from mattress stores San Diego are ideal for rest and rehabilitation. One of the most frequent questions buyers have is: “There are so many options, how do I choose the best mattress to relieve my back pain?”

When choosing a mattress, you need to focus on a bed with the right support and comfort. The support allows the spine to be aligned so you can relax and reduce stress which gives you a good night’s sleep.

Below is a list of selective mattresses designed to relieve back pain. 

The 12.5-inch reversible mattress for lower back pain from mattress stores San Diego

This mattress from mattress stores San Diego will provide comfort while you sleep. It is a 12.5-inch reversible mattress with two degrees of firmness: medium or firm.

The reversible mattress consists of four layers of foam and two slit covers (top and bottom). The model has a unique dual choice to meet each client’s back pain needs and has received several positive reviews.

The mid-end support experience is due to the addition of a 3-inch Energex foam support layer. A copper-filled gel memory foam layer removes heat from the body. It is ideal for side sleepers, and the focus is on relieving shoulder and hip pressure.

If you like the feeling of being embraced while you sleep, then this is the best choice for you.

Eco-friendly loom and leaf relaxation mattress

Made from eco-friendly multi-layered memory foam, it can ensure an ideal spinal alignment. It soothes joints, improves blood circulation, and increases energy, which makes it one of the top picks for back pain relief. 

They use a coolant that weighs 5 pounds in their memory foam, which relieves back pain and sleeping disorders. The 12-inch mattress is a medium-hard mattress.  Pregnant women emphasize that this mattress gently embraces their bodies while providing the required back support they need to be comfortable.

The copper-infused cooling mattress

This unique double-sided copper infused memory foam is a reversible mattress with two modes of sturdiness: soft or sturdy. The 10-inch thick mattress contains three foam layers and a swirling (egg box foam) airflow layer that provides excellent spine alignment, pressure relief, and overall comfort. 

Since it is copper-infused foam, it removes heat from the body. Therefore, you won’t sweat when you are asleep. The firmness of this mattress is rated at a seven out of ten on the firmness scale. It is ideal for back sleepers because it prevents the hips from sinking and prevents misalignment by the bones.

The comfortable and soft foam

This mattress is cold and soft! It will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud!

The 10-inch foam mattress is a medium-hard mattress that provides an ideal spine positioning solution for patients with lower back pain. It consists of three foam layers. The perfect fit memory foam top layer can be customized to reduce stress based on shape, size, and sleep position.  A durable and flexible base foam layer provides spinal support. 

Overall, the comfortable and decompressive material of the mattress provides an excellent relaxation experience for the sleeper. 

Pressure relief on a memory cloud

Like the other four foam mattress options, this fluffy mattress is 8, 10, or 12 inches thick. Use a custom memory foam and microfiber material for a cloud-like experience. This mattress is medium-hard that provides restorative sleep by supporting the body and aligning the spine. 

Many customers have reported that they have experienced the best sleep with this mattress. It has relieved back and hip pain, and gives them the feeling of being hugged by giant teddy bears!

Mixed mattress

Imagine waking up after a comfortable sleep with no back pain. The medium firmness version includes 12 layers, including a gel-infused comfort memory foam, a gel latex foam, a five-zone pocket coil spring, three-edged support, and high-density foam.

This combination provides excellent contour support for the more substantial parts of the body, including decompression, cooling, and spinal alignment. Overall, people like this low priced, luxurious mattress.  Also, it is said that the bed supports the lumbar region. People who sleep on their stomachs will not sink and this mattress will relieve stress, especially on the shoulders and hips.

Based on industry

Some brands are using plant-based materials to make their mattresses eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprints.

Manufacturers use a moderately soft memory foam that releases pressure and outlines the body, so you don’t get trapped. These mattresses are the second-best choice and perfect for those who like plush and support.

The mattress features three layers of foam technology for air circulation for a healthy body temperature balance. The open structural layer allows air to circulate. Its transition layer has shaped channels that redistribute soft and firm pressure in five precise areas.

The base layer supports the hips and shoulders, keeping the spine aligned. This mattress is very soft and fluffy, like a dream.

Don’t hesitate and find the right quality mattress for you today! Check your nearest mattress stores San Diego to find yourself a good, quality, comfortable mattress.